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ระบบกันขโมยบ้าน BOSCH - อุปกรณ์เสริม - B810

RADION receiver SD

Download Brochure - B-Series B810.pdf download


  • Dual internal antennas provide spatial and polar RF signal reception for high reliability
  • Cover and wall tamper protection
  • Multiple device enrollment options as well as RF diagnostics ensure efficient and effective installation
  • Supports supervision of wireless points (504), keyfobs (1000), and repeaters (8)
  • External status LEDs

            RADION wireless from Bosch provides the range, scalability and exceptional battery life required to ensure reliable performance and superior quality. Advanced diagnostics and multiple device enrollment options make installation and maintenance simple and cost effective. With a complete line of peripherals, RADION provides the flexibility for virtually any application requirement.

System overview

          The B810 is a wireless receiver that connects RADION wireless peripherals such as the motion and specialty detectors, keyfobs, panic buttons, door window contacts, repeaters, and more, to supported Bosch control panels using the SDI2 Bus connection.
The receiver supports RF communication at 433.42 MHz This frequency features improved penetration, reflection, and refraction of signal for superior range, and reliability. The receiver also features dual antennas to achieve spatial and polar diversity to further improve RF communication reliability. Enclosed within the receiver housing for higher security, the receiver is equipped with tamper protection, and
detects and reports radio frequency interferences. The receiver supports supervision of wireless points (504), key fobs (1000), and repeaters (8). The receiver can be easily accessed and configured for a compatible control panel using the address switch
on the back of the receiver housing. The receiver address switch provides a single-digit setting for the receiver’s address, allowing for ease of installation.


          The receiver uses the RADION wireless protocol which supports:
          • SDI2 bus communication
          • Tamper input processing
          • RF interference (jamming) detection and reporting
          • Signal strength and margin reporting
          • Enroll Device Database management
Address switch addressing
          Use the address switch to easily assign a bus address or setup during installation.
Easy installation
          The sliding self-locking enclosure has an integrated bubble level and a custom gap-free, lift gate style terminal block to make installation easier, faster, and
more reliable.

LED display
          The LED provides status and troubleshooting information about the receiver and its connection. RF interference (jamming) detection and reporting The receiver detects and reports interference jamming when the ambient noise level is above jamming
thresholds for a continuous period of 20 seconds.
          RF packet information is received through the use of two spatial and polar diversity antennas. The receiver then transmits a 4-bit sequence of information back to
the control panel for status changes.
Wall and cover tamper switch
         The receiver transmits a tamper signal when someone removes the device from it’s base, or pulls it away from the wall.


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