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ระบบกันขโมยบ้าน BOSCH - อุปกรณ์เสริม - B930

B930 ATM Style Alphanumeric Keypad (SDI2)

คีย์แพด รุ่น B930

Download Brochure - B-Series B930.pdf download 

  • 5-line ATM style LCD display with up to 32 character point, user, and area names
  • Simple menu-style user interface with dedicated function buttons for common commands
  • Programmable keypad shortcuts and situation sensitive on-screen help makes system operation simple and easy
  • Highly visible on (arm)/alarm, ready to turn on (arm), power and gas alarm indicators
  • Simple installation with self-locking base and chassis design, plus built-in bubble level

          The B930 ATM Style Alphanumeric Keypad (SDI2) is a SDI2 bus compatible device. Each keypad has user adjustable options such as volume and brightness. The
B930 shows five-line system messages for all areas.
System overview
          • For commercial use, install the keypad in building entrances and areas with unrestricted access. Mounting a keypad near exterior doors in hotel or business lobbies allows people to identify the type and location of the emergency.
          • For residential use, install the keypad near the front and rear entrances to the home. Install additional keypads in a kitchen or in a bedroom.
          • Use multiple keypads in a large building with many separate areas of security. Program multiple keypads to control multiple areas.
          • Audible tones from the keypad sounder alert personnel to fire events and assist fire fighters in locating the keypad.


LCD Display
          The keypad uses words, numbers, and symbols to show the status of the security system. When several events occur, the keypad shows each event in order of
priority. The display shows five lines, 21 characters per line.
          Each keypad has 10 numeric keys, one function [CMD] key, keys for previous, next, escape, and help, and eight softkeys. When pressed, keys enable keypad
backlighting and emit a muted beep. Use the eight softkeys to select a menu and associated functions.

          The status LEDs on the keypad provide a quick visual reference for system status.

The system is ready to turn on (arm)

The system is on (armed)

Indicates there is a trouble condition

Indicates the presence of dangerous gases including carbon
monoxide (NFPA 720)

Indicates that the system has power.

Audible tones
          The keypad has a built-in speaker that produces several distinct warning tones. The keypad backlight illuminates when it emits an audible tone. You can use
a passcode to silence the tone.The tones include:
          • Fire signal. When an area is in fire alarm, the keypad emits a pulsed, high-pitched bell tone.
          • Gas signal. When a gas point activates, the keypad emits a unique high pitched tone.
          • User alarm. When a user alarm (such as panic and medical alarms) occurs, the tone sounds for the programmed amount of time.
          • Burglary signal. When an area is in alarm, the keypad emits a steady, high pitched bell tone.
          • Entrance warning. The keypad emits an intermittent beep tone during entry delay periods to remind the user to disarm the area.
          • Exit warning. The keypad emits an intermittent beep tone during exit delay.
          • Invalid button buzz. When an invalid button, or sequence of buttons, is pressed, the keypad emits a flat buzz tone.
          • Keypad encoding tone. The keypad emits a muted beep tone as each button is pressed to indicate that the entry was accepted.
          • Trouble buzzer. When a trouble event occurs, such as a service alert, the keypad emits a two-tone warble until you enter a programmed passcode with the
appropriate authority.
          • Watch tone. A single clean tweedle tone alerts the user anytime a watch point is faulted.


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