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ตู้ควบคุม รุ่น B5512 (B-Series) article


Download Datasheet - B-Series B5512.pdfdownload

B5512 Control Panel

ตู้ควบคุมรุ่น B-Series รุ่น B5512


B Series includes a built-in  Ethernet port  for  IP  alarm communications. It can also send reports using cellular or wired  phone networks using plug-in communication modules.
A modern internet appliance, B Series is the first control panel to support bot IPv6and IPv4  networks. And with DNS for  remote programming  and central station reporting, IP  communication is simple  to set  up from the installer keypad  menu or via Remote  programming Software  (RPS).


B Series panels  are  as adaptable as they are  powerful. The system can be split  into up to 48 points  and 4 areas, each with perimeter and interior arming.  To provide  ease  of use, keypads offer  dual-language  support and can be configured to operate  all  areas or just  a single  area. Custom  text  is remotely programmable on each keypad—choose from English, Spanish, French or Portuguesereducing costly service calls. B Series provides increased protection and cost savings with special point types for monitoring safety, environmental, and high-security items.


B Series offers a host of features to simplify any installation. Connect your laptop directly to the panel with the on-board Ethernet or USB ports. Unlike other systems, you dont need an extra module, specialized hardware, or custom laptop configurationsjust plug it in, and it works!

Remote programming and advanced diagnostics over IP or cellular minimizes maintenance costs by allowing you to service systems over the panels cellular connection, over the internet or enable / disable certain functions without traveling to a facility. Perform remote firmware updates for easy upgrades and to offer feature enhancements as they become available.


ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems


With the Remote Security Control app, customers can operate B Series from an iOS or Android device. Arm or disarm the system, check system status and control outputs over the panel’s cellular connection, over the internet, or through a local wireless network. Receive notifications of important system events via email or send text messages directly to any smart phone.


ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems


View premise conditions from a remote desktop or smart phone. Bosch IP camera integration with the B Series Control Panels allows video motion detection to activate points on the panel, triggering camera actions such as sending video or snapshots via email.


ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems


Combine the B Series Control Panel with the Bosch Control Gateway, to connect Z-Wave devices—such as lighting controls, door locks, temperature sensors, and IP cameras—for home or premise automation. Use the dashboard for remote monitoring to stay informed while away.

ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems

B:more: compatible

B Series supports a full range of intrusion detectors including Blue Line Gen2 with excellent catch performance and false alarm immunity. For applications where appearance is important, choose the RADION wireless platform with superior range, reliability, flexibility, and battery life. RADION allows for the most cost effective installation and service with multiple device enrollment options, configurations, and diagnostics.


 B Series applications

ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems

▶ Early ambush and two-person disarm  options provide flexibility to meet the specific security requirements of the branch
▶ Use multiple areas to partition critical zones like the ATM, vault, and office. Allow the manager to arm the branch while keeping the ATM vestibule accessible
▶ Features the highest level of encryption built into every control panel

ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems

▶ Monitor critical coolers and HVAC systems-reducing risk for grocery and convenience stores
▶ Use Area Control for arming/disarming critical areas like the pharmacy, cash office, warehouse, and overhead doors
▶ Use the Monitor Delay/Delay Response feature to check for propped perimeter doors, roof latches and high-value areas, even during disarmed periods

ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems

▶ Deploy an integrated solution that addresses intrusion detection, safety, and communication needs
▶ Custom functions provide easy one-button arming configurations, such as Go to bed or Go out to the pool
▶ Late-to-open reports can be used to monitor children arriving home from school
▶ Use RADION wireless detectors to monitor outbuildings, such as a pool shed or garage, or for installs where appearance is important

ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems

▶ Control access authorizations so each user can have a personalized passcode, wireless keyfob, and credentials
▶ Deploy advanced detectors and sensors to protect against a wide range of security concerns (fire, smoke, CO, break-ins, explosions, and more)
▶ Work with central monitoring stations to provide 24-hour support services for testing, monitoring, and emergency services response


ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุน B-Series B5512, BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems

▶ Program scheduled events to support day-of-week, date-of-month, and holiday schedules
▶ Investigate alarms in detail using an event log with storage for up to 250 local and reported events
▶ Use programmable authority levels with restricted privileges to provide service, security, and cleaning personnel with full or limited access
▶ Use flexible area configurations to protect  sensitive zones from access while allowing workers the flexibility to enter common areas during off hours





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ระบบกันขโมย BOSCH รุ่น B & G-Series

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