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ตู้ควบคุม รุ่น B8512G (G-Series)

Download Datasheet - G-Series B8512G.pdf


B8512G Control Panels

ตู้ควบคุมรุ่น G-Series รุ่น B8512G


  • Fully integrated intrusion, fire, and access control allows users to interface with one system instead ofthree
  • Provides up to 99 points using a combination of hardwired or wireless devices for installation flexibility, and up to 8 areas and 8 doors for up to 500 users
  • On-board Ethernet port for Conettix IP alarm communication and remote programming, compatible with modern IP networks including IPv6/IPv4, Auto-IP, and Universal Plug and Play
  • Installer-friendly features for simple installation and communications, including on-board USB for easy on-site RPS programming, plus support for Remote Connect Service (not available in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa), and plug-in PSTN and cellular communication modules for simple installation and communications
  • Remote Security Control (RSC) app which allows users to control their security systems – and view system cameras - remotely from mobile devices such as phones and tablets


        The B9512G Control Panel and the B8512G Control Panel are the new premier commercial control panels from Bosch. B8512G control panels integrate intrusion, fire, and access control providing one simple user interface for all systems. With the ability to adapt to large and small applications, the B8512G provides up to 99 individually identified points that can be split into 8 areas.
        The control panel can communicate through its built-in Ethernet port (not applicable to “E” control panels), or through compatible plug-in modules that can send events over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or over cellular network communications.
        For users, programmable keypad shortcuts, situation sensitive on-screen help, and a bilingual user interface make system operation simple and easy. With the B8512G, you can:

  • Monitor alarm points for intruder, gas, or fire alarms.
  • Program all system functions local or remote using Remote Programming Software (RPS) or by using basic programming through the keypad.
  • Add up to 8 doors of access control using the optional B901 Access Control Module or D9210C Access Control Interface Module.

        The B8512G is a direct replacement for previous control panel models D7412GV4, D7412GV3,D7412GV2, and D7412G.