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OD850 Series Outdoor TriTech Detectors article

OD850 Series Outdoor TriTech Detectors

Download Datasheet - Outdoor TriTech Detectors.pdf 


  • Motion Analyzer II PIR signal processing
  • Linear travel distance (LTD) microwave signal processing
  • Two sensitivity levels
  • Timed relay output adjustable from two sec to 10 min
  • AND/OR mode
         The OD850 Series TriTech detectors are for use outdoors and in other harsh environments. They use a combination of passive- infrared (PIR) and microwave
detection with advanced signal processing.
System overview
         The detectors process PIR signals with Motion Analyzer II signal processing and microwave signals with Linear Travel Distance (LTD) signal processing. The detectors can distinguish between small, repetitive motions such as tree limbs moving in the wind and the more purposeful motions of intruders. These advanced processing techniques and the detectors' mechanical design combine to provide superior performance in a wide range of weather conditions.
Motion Analyzer II Processing
         This PIR signal processor uses multiple thresholds and timing windows to analyze timing, amplitude, duration, and polarity of signals to make an alarm decision. Extreme levels of thermal and illumination disturbances caused by hot and cold drafts, sunlight, or lightning do not cause an alarm. 
LTD Microwave Signal Processing 
         This microwave signal processor measures the linear travel distance of a target to make an alarm decision. It eliminates alarms for objects that move but do not travel, such as tree limbs and hanging signs. 
Two Sensitivity Levels 
         The detectors have two user-selectable PIR sensitivity settings:
         Standard sensitivity is the recommended setting for a minimum of false alarms. The detector tolerates environment extremes on this setting.
         Intermediate sensitivity is the recommended setting for any location where an intruder is expected to cover only a small portion of the protected area. The detector tolerates normal environments on this setting. This setting identifies intruders more quickly, but may produce more false alarms.
Adjustable Timed Relay Output
         In addition to an alarm relay, there is a Form C, unsupervised, timed relay contact that alternates state 1 sec after an alarm and follows a user-selectable timer. The time expires at the set time after the last alarm (it resets on each new alarm).
        This DIP-switch setting specifies whether the detector reports alarm situations in the AND mode (when both technologies simultaneously sense an alarm condition)
or in the OR mode (when either the PIR or microwave technology senses an alarm state). OR mode provides faster detection in some conditions as the detector activates the alarm relay based on a single technology input.
       The high-efficiency LEDs (one red and one green) use the same technology as traffic lights to make them visible in sunlight. A DIP-switch setting allows the user to disable these LEDs during standard operation to save power.
Draft and Insect Immunity
      The sealed optical chamber prevents drafts and insects from affecting the detector.
Certifications and approvals
Region Certification
Europe CE          OD850-F1, OD850-F2
CE          OD850-F1, OD850-F2
Belgium INCERT   OD850-F1
Russia GOST      DE.AE63.B03457 [OD850-F1]
USA UL          OD850-F1
UL            UL 639 - Standard for Intrusion Detection Units 
                  tion Units
  FCC         OD850-F1
 Australia CTICK     OD850-F1
 Canada ULC
  ULC         ULC-S306-03 - Canadian Standard for
                  Intrusion Detection Units
 China CCC         2009031901000551 [OD850-F1-CHI]
 Brazil ANATEL  OD850-F1
 Singapore iDA           #LPREQ-S0155-2004 [OD850-F1]
Installation/configuration notes

Mounting Considerations
Wall Mounting: The OD850 detectors can be mounted directly on a wall or on the supplied B335 Swivel Mount Bracket. Alternatively, they can be mounted directly on a standard rectangular electrical box. The detectors should be mounted 2.1 m to 2.7 m (7 ft to 9 ft) above the ground. The recommended height is 2.1 m (7 ft); leveled both horizontally and vertically.
Ceiling Mounting: The detectors can be mounted on a ceiling using the optional B338 Ceiling-Mount Bracket.
Power Considerations
Power Limits: Input power must be provided by an Approved Limited Power Source. All outputs must be connected to SELV (safety extra-low voltage) circuits
Standby Power: This detector has no internal standby battery. For UL Listed product installations, 4 hr (248 mAh) of standby power must be supplied by the
control unit or by a UL Listed burglary power supply.
Technical specifications
Enclosure Design
16.5 cm x 8.25 cm x 6.35 cm
(6.5 in. x 3.25 in. x 2.5 in.)
Material: Polycarbonate
Properties: Weather and vandal resistant
Weight: 1.4 oz (40 g)
Environmental Considerations
IP Rating: 54
Relative Humidity:
0% to 95% non-condensing
Temperature (Operating): -35°C to +54°C (-31°F to +130°F)
Complies with Environmental Class III
Do not use with capacitive or inductive loads.
Form A: Normally-closed contact opens on alarm.
Form C: Timed relay contact alternates state on alarm and
follows an installer programmable timer.
Contact Rating: 3 W, 125 mA maximum,
25 VDC maximum for DC resistive loads; and protected by a 4.7 Ω, ½ W 
resistor in the common C leg of the relay.
Normally-closed (with cover on) contacts rated 125 mA
maximum, 25 VDC maximum
Power Requirements
Current:                  62 mA maximum
Input Power: 10 VDC to 15 VDC at 22 mA standby.


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