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ICP-CP508LW LCD Icon Codepad

ICP-CP508LW : LCD Icon Codepad

Single key arming of alarm system
Fire, medical and panic alarms
Easy to use
White backlight illuminates keys during day or night
The ICP‑CP508LW is an eight-zone LCD codepad for use with certain Solution Series control panels. It has a protective door and a white backlight. Easy to recognize icons display system conditions in a simple to view format. Zone status is indicated numerically across the top of the screen.The codepad notifies users when there is an alarm and when a zone is opened. Also included are a number of single button functions that allow a user to perform various system operations by simply holding down a button for 2 sec. For example, holding the [#AWAY key arms the system, holding the [1] key tests the sirens, and holding the [3] key tests the strobe lights.
Arming Methods

You can arm the system by entering your User code and pressing the [#AWAY] key, or quick arm the system by holding down the [#AWAY] key for 2 sec.

Fire, Medical and Panic Alarms

If programmed to do so, simultaneously pressing the
outside buttons of a row on any codepad triggers an audible alarm, and an alarm report is sent to the control panel. Press [4] and [6] simultaneously for a fire alarm; press [7] and [9] simultaneously for a medical alarm; and press [1] and [3] or [*STAY] and [#AWAY] simultaneously for a panic alarm. 


ระบบกันขโมยบ้าน รุ่น ICP-CC408

ระบบกันขโมยบ้าน BOSCH รุ่น ICP-CC408-APR

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