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ระบบกันขโมย Bosch-Beam Detector-ISC-FPB1-W90DS article


ระบบกันขโมย Bosch-Beam Detector-ISC-FPB1-W90DS

Download Datasheet - ISC-FPB1-W90DS download


  • Dual beam detection improves false alarm immunity
  • Range up to 90 m (300 ft) outdoors, 180 m (600 ft) indoors
  • Selectable response time
  • Small unobtrusive design
The pole or surface mount Photo Beam Detector is designed for indoor and outdoor applications.
System overview
Consisting of a separate transmitter and receiver, it is designed to activate an alarm when an intruder passes within the direct line of sight between the transmitter
and receiver.
The ICS-FPB1-W30DS has a range of 30 m (100 ft) outdoors, or 60 m (200 ft) indoors. The ICS-FPB1-W60DS a range of 60 m (200 ft) outdoors, or 120 m (400 ft) indoors. The ICS-FPB1-W90DS a range of 90 m (300 ft) outdoors, or 180 m (600 ft) indoors.
Mounting features
Mounting and installing the detector is now easier than ever through easy-to-use mounting hole locations, an enlarged entry point of access to accept small to
large, single or multiple cable set wires, side access alignment test terminals for voltmeter connection, front access sensitivity adjustment, built-in aiming optics ensures improved alignment, and accessible fastening screw locations that eliminate the need for unnecessary crawling or bending during installation.
Dust/insect cover features
The included foam sealing on both sides of the mounting plate ensures that the detectors are properly secured from insects and other environmental elements such as humidity and temperature
The improved cover design includes water flow channels to prevent water and dirt from accumulating in front of optic components, and eliminates the need for additional weatherproofing solutions.
Region Certification
Region Certification
Europe CE
FPB1-W60DS, ISC-FPB1-W90DS with
or without NH12T heater]
Technical specifications

Environmental considerations

Mounting considerations
Power requirements
Sensitivity adjustments


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