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RFGB RADION glassbreak article

RFGB RADION glassbreak

 Download Datasheet - RADION glassbreak.pdf


  • Dual frequency acoustic based detection technology
  • Sliding, self-locking enclosure for ease of installation
  • Operational up to 5 years using a single userreplaceable CR123A lithium battery
  • Supervised for low-battery, cover-tamper, andremoval from mounting surface tamper conditions


RADION wireless from Bosch provides the range,scalability and exceptional battery life required toensure reliable performance and superior quality. Advanced diagnostics and multiple device enrollment options make installation and maintenance simple and cost effective. With a complete line of peripherals,RADION provides the flexibility for virtually any application requirement.

System overview
RADION glassbreak is a wireless sensor that detects breaking glass. It is equipped with a tamper switch and factory preset glass break sensitivity settings providing flexible configuration to maximize false alarm immunity and catch performance in any environment.


Dual Acoustic Technology
When an object hits a pane of glass, the glass absorbs the blow and emits a low frequency sound pressure wave, called the flex wave. When the force of the blow is too great, glass shatters and emits a high frequency audio signal. A bell ringing, or a vase breaking produces a similar audio signal, but does not produce a flex wave. The glassbreak detects the flex wave first, and the audio signal second, reducing false alarms from items that only emit high frequency audio signals. The glassbreak detects breaking plate, tempered, wired, and laminated glass up to 6.4 mm (0.25 in) thick through blinds and lightweight, unlined drapes. The omni-directional microphone contained within the glassbreak can detect an audio signal in a 360 degree radius, allowing for supurb, acoustic detection and monitoring.

Glass Break Sensitivity

Factory-set sensitivity levels allow the detector to suit any environment.

Tamper Switches
The glassbreak has a wall and cover tamper switch that transmits a tamper signal when someone removes the device from its base, or pulls it away from the wall.

Self-locking Enclosure
The sliding self-locking enclosure has an integrated bubble level to make installation easier.


Certifications and approvals

Installation/configuration notes


Glass break detectors are intended only as a component of a perimeter    protection system. They should always be used in conjunction with motion sensors.

Mounting considerations
Mount the detector on interior walls or ceilings where it is protected from weather elements such as extreme temperatures, humidity, rain, or snow. For the best performance, mount the detector within clear view of the glass and within 6 m (20 ft) of the glass.

Wall mounting

The best location for mounting the device is on the opposite wall, within the sensor’s range and line of sight. Ceiling and adjoining side walls are also suitable locations for mounting.

Ceiling mounting
Mounting of the detector can occur in a variety of ceiling types in which a direct line of sight of the protected window is achieved. However, because the direction of sound travels out from the broken glass of a window, the desired location of the detector should be at 2 to 3 m (6 to 10 ft) into the room for optimal detection.
Do not mount the detector:

  •  In a corner
  • In rooms with loud equipment such as air compressors, bells, and power tools, or a lot of ambient (white) noise
  • In rooms with sound deadening drapes, curtains, shades, blinds, or wooden window shutters
  • On the same wall as the glass
  • On free-standing posts or pillars
  • In humid rooms
  • In rooms smaller than 3 m x 3 m (10 ft x 10 ft)
  • In rooms with multiple noise sources


Installation on metal surfaces can affect the RF propagation pattern of the radio transceiver.


Parts included

Technical specifications



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